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Starter PACK: Includes online training + supplies and tools you'll need to perform SMP treatments

*This bundle includes the SMPCA® Permanent Makeup Device + SMPCA® Permanent Makeup Ink

 *ONLINE Training with SMPCA® Coach

Our SMPCA® Semi-Permanent Makeup Device  is specifically created to be used in micro-cosmetic procedures. The machine is designed for Scalp Treatments and if used correctly can produce soft natural results. 

When utilizing our semi-permanent make-up machine, it is important to utilize the correct precautions to ensure that you are protecting your health and the health of your clients. Before using your machine, knowing how the machine works will allow you to appropriately sanitize your surroundings and ensure proper function of your use.

SMPCA® Permanent Makeup Ink

Our ink is lab mixed and rich in texture with minimal drying properties & ideal for SMP micro-procedures. Our product is designed for cosmetic tattoo artists who have experience in using our micro-stroking technique, as well as experience in identifying different levels of hair loss. The trained technician can expect to achieve a natural-appearing & long-lasting effect after the client properly heals.


New Students joining our online classes will need to pay the full amount before receiving the Starter Pack. Once you receive the equiptment by mail, you will also receive a special access code for your Online course. *Do Not Lose Your Access Code. There is no refund for your loss.


After your online testing is complete, you will receive your scored test results via email. If failed you will need to re-test until you pass. Once you have passed you will receive a certificate. Please print this out for your place of business. This is will be valid for one year and you can now open your shop. The renewal link will be provided for you. 


We are here to help and train you to become a successful Artist. We hope that you succeed and help many new clients that are dealing with hair loss issues. Good Luck to your new journey. Always keep it positive

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